RSocket on iOS?

With regards to iOS applications,

  • Is there an RSocket/RSocket-RPC implementation in Swift and/or Objective-C?
  • If not, currently, what would be the recommended approach to make use of RSocket within an iOS application?


Currently there isn’t a Object-C / swift version. I can think of three ways to do this right now:

  • You call RSocket C++ from Object-C or Swift
  • You create a react-native application using RSocket-JS
  • You using RSocket-Net and create a DotNet mobile application.


From an iOS native mobile application development perspective, the barrier to entry for RSocket is fairly high at the moment. Do you know of any plans by any party to provide a Swift based implementation?

Hello @PedroAlvarado,

Some community members have asked about this, but as far as I know there are no efforts to implement RSocket in Swift at this time. It’s definitely something we would like to see and would support!

Hello @kyle - we are starting work on an iOS implementation. What would be the process to contribute?