Netifi DockerHub Repo Status

Had a weird issue in QA today. We restarted our system and the Netifi CE broker failed to pull. Looks like the Netifi Dockerhub profile is gone? We all get a 404s @

Did it change to something else and we missed it?



Was this issue fixed? As even the Quickstarts are quite outdated and broken.

Nope. Haven’t seen an update. is also dead.

Any news on this? docker pull netifi/broker:1.6.10 does not work. Is the project dead?

I am not sure. I haven’t seen any updates here, in the Github repos, from other members, or Netifi social media outlets.

Is there a binary that we can use to build our own docker image?

Not that I know of. I thought about something similar and we still have a 1.6.9 image in our private repos but having the community support and potentially going to the enterprise version was important for us.

I tried reaching out to folks on Twitter, didn’t get any reply.
Anyways I had simple use case - So I built my own broker for now.