Learn reactive to better understand Netifi

Playing with Netifi i realize i should first get a better understanding of reactive programming.

My main concern here is to have clients sending a message to the broker and get called back when the answer is available. Same at server-side : by receving a request a service shouldn’t block computing the response. This is my understanding to be reactive…

Could you suggest resources (website, forums, books, etc…) to learn the minimum required in relation to Netifi ?

Please help an old grey man like me that does Java for more than 20 years in the monolithic sequential world :slight_smile:

TX !

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Personally https://projectreactor.io/learn is where I got started, and of course I’m a little biased in recommending our own @OlehDokuka’s published a book Hands-On Reactive Programming in Spring 5 which you might find helpful.

Sergei Egorov also has a bunch of talks that sound like they’d be helpful. His Don’t be Homer Simpson with Your Reactor! was just published and is in my queue to watch.

Ben Hale did a really great talk: Multi Service Reactive Streams Using Spring, Reactor, and RSocket.

Stephane Maldini and Steve Gury are also wonderful folks to watch - they did a Reactive with RSocket talk last year.

We probably should submit PRs to this and/or create/curate an Awesome list in GitHub, and maybe even submit it to the Reactive Foundation. :man_shrugging:


Thank you Alan. If you ever come to Belgium i got you one beer !