Is rsocket good for streaming video and audio?

Our current implementation of video/audio streaming is through websockets, I want to ask if rsocket is a good solution for streaming real-time video and audio?

Atm we basically have our own encoder/decoder and transmit chunks of video/audio over websocket our main issue is that as the number of client grows in the WS connection streaming gets slowed down. We already migrated to Spring WebFlux but still streaming is not smooth for many clients (for few clients up to 5 clients, streaming is smooth, adding more is the problem)

Would rsocket be something that can aid in having better and smoother streaming?

I would first try to investigate why the current solution doesn’t scale.
Where is the bottleneck? While encoding/decoding?
While transferring the stream on the wire?

RSocket can be surely used for streaming purpose (I tried in my pet projects).
Picking up a new framework will not help you unless the problem is really clear and its with the current technology you are using.

I second that. 5 is a very low number so it could be something basic. If migrating to WebFlux/reactive for the first time make sure nothing’s blocking the event loop for example.